My name is Jagriti and I am unapologetically crazy about food. All sorts of food.
I’ve grown up in a house which some spectacular cooks, especially the grandmothers. I have friends whose moms cook divine meals, many of my catch-ups with friends are at their houses for this reason. I love eating out, trying new cuisines and this also leads me to try new recipes, or old comfortable ones, at home. Cooking for family and friends gives me immense joy 🙂

To me a tuck box has always meant this space that stores yummy goodies and delicious home food. Both my mom and Enid Blyton are behind this feeling 🙂
My Tuck Box is a collection of recipes that represent this nostalgia and the joy delicious food brings.

Many of the recipes on the blog are of dishes I’ve grown up eating and which instantly take me back to those carefree, happy days even while I am in a different city living a much more complex life 🙂

I am also including recipes that I have discovered and learned over the years, which give me that same warm, fuzzy feeling.

Comfort food, for the win! Hope you enjoy making these recipes and they bring you the same happy feels! Look forward to hearing from you 🙂