Aloo Posto (Potatoes with Poppy Seed paste)

Welcome to another edition of ‘I love potatoes’ 🙂

Given how integral potatoes are to Bengali cuisine, it’s only natural that I share another of my favourite Bengali recipes, like I did with the aloo bhaja one earlier.

Aloo Posto is an iconic bengali dish. Pan fried potatoes mixed with a Poppy seed paste to give it that extra oomph. A little nutty, a little spicy and just so flavourful!

2018-08-16 08.52.16 1.jpg


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Vegetable Chow mein

How many of you have grown up eating Chow Mein from little hawker stalls? I most certainly have. A lot! Growing up in Delhi, we were introduced to a new kind of ‘street food’- Chindian Chowmein. I say Chindian (Chinese+Indian) because this is most definitely not chowmein in its original form. It is heavily inspired by India, the flavours we like and what is available here.

What we got was this greasy, veggie loaded, spiced plate of noodles that was deeleeeshus! Unhealthy AF. But delicious! We used to eat this from the school canteen, after tuition classes, while shopping in the market…you name it. Obviously it wasn’t massively encouraged by the parents (you know health and all that) plus some places weren’t hygienic and people have been known to fall sick. So we started making it at home! YAY! It will never be the same since we use less oil and skip the MSG/Ajinomoto, but it still tastes pretty darn good. And is super nostalgic!


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Bhindi Masala (Ladyfinger/Okra Masala)

If you ask my husband, he will tell you I hardly eat any vegetables. I am super picky. I feel I eat enough (potatoes count right? ) but it is true that I don’t eat too many green vegetables. The one green veggie that I LOVE is Bhindi (Ladyfinger/Okra). I used to end up making bhindi for dinner once a week without fail. That much love. However, now the boy has asked me to make it less often, I think he has kinda overdosed on bhindi 🙂

Growing up, we used to have a simple Bhindi fry at home. Just some cumin seeds and chilli powder pretty much. No onions, no tomatoes, no major spice quotient. My sister really loves that simple version. However, I was never a big fan, it was a little bland for me. So when our help at home made this masala version once, I was hooked! This is major comfort food levels for me. When I want a simple meal, rice+dal+vegetable type, this is what I go for. Honestly, I don’t even need the rice. I have been known to just mix the bhindi and the dal in a bowl, squeeze some lemon juice on top and eat it just like that. Happiness.


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