Methi Chole

By now you guys know my love for chole and how I try to make at least one chole dish every fortnight. It’s got protein, flavour and is super easy to cook. While the most common recipe I use is the simple home-style one, I am always looking for new recipes as well. This recipe boosts the chole with a touch of greens by adding methi to the curry. Methi adds a delightful freshness and slight bitterness to the curry that gives it a whole new dimension of taste!

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Matar Ghugni (Spiced peas)

Do you have any childhood stories of time spent in the kitchen? I have tons! Whether it was helping people, tasting food or just watching – I spent a fair bit of time wandering in an out of the kitchen.

My sister and I did one thing a LOT! Peeling (and eating) fresh peas. We would happily plonk ourselves down with a big bowl of peas and peel them for whatever dish was being cooked that day. I must say, we ended up having to peel a lot more than was needed because we ate at least a third of what we peeled! Fresh, sweet peas are amazing 😍

This dish is a super easy way to use peas and was a staple in our house (and in many bihari households).

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Khatte Chole (Sour Chickpeas curry)

One of K’s favourite things to eat is Chole. The Tamilian boy has found at least one north indian dish he truly loves 🙂 We cook it at least twice a month and if I’m not at home, he has been known to either cook chole for himself or order in the dish. He can eat this pretty much everyday!

With something we eat so often, just one go-to recipe won’t work, right? So I have been trying different ways to cook chickpeas to give us some variety and to help me learn more. One such experiment led me to this dish – Khatte Chole. Sour, tangy, spicy and super delicious!

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