Shahi Paneer

Growing up in Delhi, going out for a ‘North Indian’ meal typically meant an indulgent Punjabi meal – Dal Makhani, tikkas, butter chicken, naan – the works. We used to wait for these occasions so we could polish off many a naan with delicious chicken curry and dal. Very rarely did we order other vegetarian things during these meals. However, on the rare occasion that there was a vegetarian at the table, we always ordered shahi paneer. This dish totally lives up to its name – it makes you feel really royal and luxurious 🙂

I made this recently because I was craving one of those fancy dinners and was a tad homesick. It turned out just the way I remember it and made me a very happy child indeed!

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Aloo Parwal

If there is one kind of vegetable I don’t like, it is the gourd family. We just don’t get along. I know they’re healthy and all that, but somehow I’ve never been able to get myself to like them. Except one. Parwal (pointed gourd) has somehow made it into my acceptable vegetables list, despite being a gourd. I think it’s because it used to be made fairly often at home and was made in just two ways – as a pan fry by itself or as a pan fry with potatoes 🙂 Potatoes make most things alright!

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Methi Chole

By now you guys know my love for chole and how I try to make at least one chole dish every fortnight. It’s got protein, flavour and is super easy to cook. While the most common recipe I use is the simple home-style one, I am always looking for new recipes as well. This recipe boosts the chole with a touch of greens by adding methi to the curry. Methi adds a delightful freshness and slight bitterness to the curry that gives it a whole new dimension of taste!

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