Easy Apple Cake

This cake is one of the first ‘different’ cakes I learned to bake, once I restarted baking, around 7 years ago. Growing up, I mostly baked simple vanilla or chocolate cakes, nothing else. When I started living by myself, 7 years back, I got a tiny oven and rediscovered my love for baking 🙂 I started exploring more recipes and flavours and this became one of my go-to cakes. Easy, delicious, fragrant and just the right amount of fruit. What’s not to love?

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Just by its name, it sounds worth trying, right? 🙂

My initial exposure to middle eastern food was hummus and pita, then tzatziki and falafel. That was it for many years. Then I slowly started discovering the meats, wraps, couscous, babaganoush and other gorgeous food. The love has just been growing since!

Babaganoush not only sounds delightful but tastes amazing as well. A great dip to have with your mezze platter.

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No Bake Kiwi Tart

Kiwis are one of my favourite fruits. Ever since I was a kid, I have jumped at any chance to eat the fruit. It was never easily available and was also quite expensive, so literally any chance to eat it would be great. I’ve been known to pile my plate with just Kiwis (and maybe some cake) at hotel buffets. Many times. Mostly though, I used to eat them when my mom bought them as a treat or when we got to eat some fruit tarts on special occasions. This kiwi tart is super easy to make and a great way to get some yummy Kiwis into your meal.

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

I love fries! Crispy, delicious and happiness inducing! For me, fries were always made of potatoes, but over the past 10 years or so I’ve tried some others too. Sweet potato fries are the most common of these and I actually really like them despite being wary to begin with. Given the need to be healthy, I’ve also been experimenting with ways to bake things vs fry them. Fries are super easy to bake and are a nice alternative to the heavily fried stuff we end up eating so often.

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