Bihari Channa Dal

India has such a beautiful array of regional food, it will be lifetimes before anyone can try it all. I will do my bit to keep sharing whatever I know and love so that you can try new things and develop an even deeper love and appreciation for Indian food 🙂 The Aloo posto, kasundi chicken, pepper chicken , lemon rice are some such dishes you must try!

Given my Bihari-Bengali roots, it’s natural to want to share some of those cuisines more than others 🙂 This simple channa (split Bengal gram) dal is a staple in most Bihari households.

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Eggless strawberry cake

My favourite fruit of all time is strawberry! Juicy, plump, tart, slightly sweet deliciousness 😍

It’s not that easy to find good quality strawberries so I make the most of it whenever they are available. Eat as many as I can! Makes sense to also find ways to bake with them right? This cake is super easy and every bite is moist,buttery and strawberry-filled. Happiness, indeed!

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