Shahi Paneer

Growing up in Delhi, going out for a ‘North Indian’ meal typically meant an indulgent Punjabi meal – Dal Makhani, tikkas, butter chicken, naan – the works. We used to wait for these occasions so we could polish off many a naan with delicious chicken curry and dal. Very rarely did we order other vegetarian things during these meals. However, on the rare occasion that there was a vegetarian at the table, we always ordered shahi paneer. This dish totally lives up to its name – it makes you feel really royal and luxurious 🙂

I made this recently because I was craving one of those fancy dinners and was a tad homesick. It turned out just the way I remember it and made me a very happy child indeed!

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Nutella Sea Salt Cookies

I’ve always been a fan of Nutella (I mean, who isn’t?) but as I’ve grown older I find it too sweet to have it the way I used to. Earlier I didn’t even need bread, just a spoon and a jar of Nutella were fine 🙂 As my palate has evolved , I’ve grown to appreciate things that are less achingly sweet and more a balance of sweet and salty. Nutella and sea salt is one such magic combination! I’ve had this in cookies and tarts and I was ecstatic!

These cookies are my take on this gorgeous combo. Nutella inside, Nutella on top, crunchy sea salt sprinkled generously all over and that buttery cookie. YUM YUM YUM! 😍😍

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Grilled Chicken Wings

One of the easiest ways to bond with me is to talk about food – recipes, restaurants, food history, travel stories – all things food make for great conversation 🙂 Most of my friends love food and we spend tons of time trying out new restaurants, discussing recipes and cooking for each other. One of my closest friends, S, is one such forever partner. We are always sharing recipes and this grilled chicken is one such.

I first had this at a dinner he hosted and it was lip smackingly delicious. The perks of showing up early : you get to watch food being made and then get to quickly eat a few before people arrive 😀

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Aloo Parwal

If there is one kind of vegetable I don’t like, it is the gourd family. We just don’t get along. I know they’re healthy and all that, but somehow I’ve never been able to get myself to like them. Except one. Parwal (pointed gourd) has somehow made it into my acceptable vegetables list, despite being a gourd. I think it’s because it used to be made fairly often at home and was made in just two ways – as a pan fry by itself or as a pan fry with potatoes 🙂 Potatoes make most things alright!

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