Masala Chicken

I recently invited some friends over for dinner and was thinking about what I could make for the main course. Given the spread of preferences, I figured chicken would be the easiest protein to go with. But what to do with the chicken?

I was making a lot of other things which would take time (chaat, dal makhni etc) so wanted something which would be easy and fuss free. I ended up tweaking my Dahi ChickenΒ recipe to make it into a drier, more spicy dish. Result – AMAZE!

2018-08-01 08.53.21 1.jpg

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Kasundi Chicken (Chicken with a Bengali mustard sauce)

I might not be able to speak Bengali or know too much about Bengali culture (I try), but I sure as hell LOVE Bengali food. I have eaten a fair bit of it growing up, especially at my grandmom’s house. My aunts, to this day, feed me at least some Bengali food when I visit them. I make some Bengali food at home now and am constantly looking to add more to my repertoire.

Even though I have barely spent any time in Kolkata (where I was born), Bengali food to me is extremely synonymous to home. To comfort.Β  To nostalgia.Β To deliciousness.

When I go to a Bengali restaurant, I am always keen to try new things and also to try my absolutely rubbish broken Bengali πŸ™‚ I guess this is a way for me to connect to that part of my heritage.

One thing that screams Bengali food is Kasundi. Kasundi is this pungent, spicy, fermented mustard sauce that is integral to Bengali cuisine. It is used as a dip or as part of a curry and it just explodes in your mouth with each bite. It is potent, believe me! It is also extremely delicious! The only other remotely similar flavour bomb is wasabi, in my opinion.

This chicken dish uses Kasundi in the curry and is pretty damn tasty πŸ™‚

2018-07-26 10.37.05 1.jpg

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Keema Aloo (Mince and Potatoes)

Growing up in a Bengali-Bihari household, mutton has been such a core part of our cuisine. By mutton, I mean goat. Not lamb. (India’s most common ‘mutton’ is goat)

This meat was cooked in various forms – light curry, intense curry, cutlets, mince – you name it. Each of these versions is delicious. It has a deep, dark, meaty taste, tons of flavour from the spices and leaves with you such a sense of satisfaction! I will post more mutton recipes on the blog over time, but am starting off with a version of the mince. Keema (minced mutton) was made at home once in a few weeks. It was made very simply, just with spices, onions, tomatoes and peas (that version will also go up on the blog sometime). Given its texture, it is delicious with chapatis or rice. In fact, I used to love eating it with khichdi! It gave a little extra oomph to the simple meal.

Today’s version is a little amped up version of that keema, and it has my favourite ingredient – Potato! I know you’re not surprised! πŸ™‚


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