Spiced Plum Crumble

I’ve grown up watching a lot of international cooking shows and reading books by Enid Blyton which were massively focussed on food (those picnics, dinners and delicious sounding puddings!). While I didn’t get to eat a lot of those dishes at home, I pounced on the chance to try them as I grew older, either from upcoming bakeries or while traveling. Crumble, to me, is one such iconic dish. It sounded super delicious so I made sure I tried it when I saw it on the menu at a brunch, many years ago. I loved it! Buttery, crumbly, fruity and delicious, this was definitely worth learning. So here is one version, with plums and a little spice 🙂

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Watermelon Popsicles

Summer is here! And how! It is hot and we are all at home thanks to what’s going on in the world. Everyone is learning to deal with this new normal in different ways but food is a common pillar most people are gravitating towards. Whether it is amping up existing skills, learning new things, cooking for the first time or trying to recreate favourites – it’s all happening!

For me, the summer is all about vacations, relaxing, spending time with family/friends and of course, eating delicious food. Ice creams have been a big part of summer forever. This time, however, it wasn’t so easy to get hold of it so easily. I decided to make my own! This watermelon popsicle is super easy to make, lasts for ages and tastes delicious!

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