Matar Parantha

Paranthas are an essential part of any Delhi child’s diet. Any North Indian child, possibly. But Delhi child for sure. Whether at home or at friend’s houses or when on road trips or just at dhabas on a whim. Paranthas scream comfort and decadence. The gorgeous varieties of stuffings, the lovely mix of spices, the soft dough and that ghee/butter. Yum!While potato, cauliflower or radish were the common ones at home, I’ve tried many other flavours over the years as well. This one is spiced peas and is not only super tasty but also makes the paranthas look beautiful, with specks of green throughout.

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Herb-y French Toast

One of the first ‘non-Indian’ breakfast dishes we ever had was French Toast. Not the sweet variety common in the US, but a savoury salt-pepper-chilli version, suitable to our palate. It was an instant hit and became a regular at home. It is easy to make, delicious, is a great way to sneak in some eggs for breakfast and is crispy yet soft at the same time. Glorious, indeed 🙂

When I started cooking for myself more often (5-6 years ago), I rediscovered my love for french toast. This version is more amped up in terms of herbs and is as glorious as ever!

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We didn’t really eat breakfast very often as kids. Who manages to eat at 6am before school? Weekends were for lazy breakfasts and hence there was really not much need to experiment beyond the usual suspects. Eggs, sandwiches, poha, aloo puri, paranthas, french toast – more than enough!

Once I started living on my own, I realized I need to eat at least something good for breakfast so that I avoid unnecessary snacking around 11am. Again, the easiest thing to do is make eggs. But after a few weeks of fried eggs, I really need a change of scene! I started adding more things to the repertoire, especially for weekends, and am glad I’m making breakfast a must.

The latest edition to my breakfast menu is this super easy, extremely tasty Upma. I had been toying with the idea of making Upma but always thought it would be too tough. One day, while making coffee, I had this ‘it’s now or never’ feeling and decided to give upma a go! I don’t know what brought it on, I think I’m just in one of those mental phases right now. Given how well this turned out, I think I should listen to those voices more 🙂

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