Lemon Blueberry Muffins

One of my favourite fruit dessert flavours is lemon. For the longest time, the only lemon dessert I had tried was a lemon tart and a good lemon tart is one of the best things ever! The idea of this tangy flavour with the right amount of sugar is just so exciting!

When I started baking more regularly a few years ago, I discovered lemon cake. And what a delicious discovery that was! Moist, tangy, light and just divine. Because I loved the lemon cake so much, I began reading up on other flavours that work well with lemon and a lot of recipes talked about blueberry. Now we don’t get blueberry very easily here. The fresh ones are hardly there for a few weeks and even then are fairly expensive. The dried ones are found more regularly and are not as expensive. I figured I should at least try the flavour combination out. Turns out – SUPER idea! 🙂


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