Curry leaf chutney

One of the staples of South indian cuisine is a good coconut chutney. No matter where you are in the country (or the world), coconut chutney is always available at a place that serves south indian food. Growing up, I always had the classic version but as I tried new restaurants, ate at friends’ houses, traveled to new cities, I realized there were many ways to jazz this simple chutney up. One such being this recipe, amping up the flavour with the addition of curry leaves!

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Just by its name, it sounds worth trying, right? 🙂

My initial exposure to middle eastern food was hummus and pita, then tzatziki and falafel. That was it for many years. Then I slowly started discovering the meats, wraps, couscous, babaganoush and other gorgeous food. The love has just been growing since!

Babaganoush not only sounds delightful but tastes amazing as well. A great dip to have with your mezze platter.

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