Double Chocolate & Coconut Cookies

Growing up, I was not a fan of the chocolate and coconut combo at all. Bounty was pretty much the only such option available and I just didn’t like how it tasted. So for me, the two flavours were not to be combined. Ever.

Fast forward, many years later, my preferences evolved and I was exposed to many different things that worked with chocolate and I also grew to enjoy coconut as an ingredient a lot more,in general. So when I was looking around for something different to bake last year, and I’d used coconut in cookies, cakes anyway, I decided to club it with chocolate as a cookie. Believe me, I was not prepared for how much I would like this 🙂

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Jeera Biscuits

This is a true throwback to our childhood! The local bakeries and small stores sold a variety of biscuits and cakes, which was what we had access to when we were kids. There were no fancy cakes and pastries for a long time and we loved these little treats we got every now and then.

Jam cookies, simple pound cakes, atta biscuits, coconut biscuits and these jeera biscuits were our favourites.

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