Chilka Moong Dal (split green lentil)

For me, Dal is an integral part of comfort food. There are quite a few dishes that give me comfort and joy, but few as much as simple Dal chawal. It’s amazing how many varieties of Dal there are and how varied the recipes are across regions. So much to try, so much to learn!

This simple Moong Dal recipe (split green lentils) is fairly common in North India and is super easy to make. It’s a good break from the standard yellow dals that are part of daily fare.

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Bihari Channa Dal

India has such a beautiful array of regional food, it will be lifetimes before anyone can try it all. I will do my bit to keep sharing whatever I know and love so that you can try new things and develop an even deeper love and appreciation for Indian food 🙂 The Aloo posto, kasundi chicken, pepper chicken , lemon rice are some such dishes you must try!

Given my Bihari-Bengali roots, it’s natural to want to share some of those cuisines more than others 🙂 This simple channa (split Bengal gram) dal is a staple in most Bihari households.

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Dal Tadka

Dal Chawal (Lentils with Rice) has got to be one of the most comforting, nostalgia-inducing meals for Indians. It is such a staple in every house, in almost every meal. There are many dals out there, made in various ways and each household has their go-to version of this happiness giving combo.

In our house, it was arhar (aka toor/split pigeon peas) dal. Made pretty much everyday. To date, this is my go-to comfort food. The simplicity, the flavour, the wholesomeness – unparalleled.


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