Simple Orange Cake

Oranges are to eat or to make juice out of, right?


Over the last 10 years or so, I’ve been lucky enough to have tried food from many different cities/countries and have watched a ton of food shows to feel like I know more than I actually do 🙂 A big part of this ongoing food adventure is learning how ingredients can be used in so many different ways, especially when it’s not something you’ve grown up with. Oranges are one such ingredient. They can be used in so many sweet as well as savoury ways and are a part of many different cuisines. They are used in sauces, with protein, in dessert, in salads – you name it. I’ve used them in brownies before and that chocolate and orange combination was fantastic!

This time I’ve used them in their simplest form to make an easy orange cake with a light orange syrup. Buttery, spongey, orangey and delicious!

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Easy Coconut Cake

Growing up, coconut was not a major part of my diet, except for the occasional coconut chutney with Dosa or idlis and of course the copious amount of coconut water I used to drink. However, in my teen years I discovered coconut cookies, Thai curry, coconut rice…the works. The many beautiful ways in which coconut can be used in food, in both sweet and savoury form.

As I started cooking for myself and moved to Bombay, Hyderabad and now Bangalore, coconut became something I saw more of and ate more of. It is super versatile and I really want to learn more ways to incorporate this into my diet.

As always, when I like something, I tend to first veer towards the dessert route of cooking with it 🙂 This summer, when it was crazily hot in Bangalore, I baked this beautiful, simple coconut cake with a light whipped cream. It’s a slice of summer 🙂

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Ginger Lemon Honey Cake

Good ol’ chai (with milk) is a great comfort giver at most times. But there is another version of tea which gives me extra special joy – delicious ginger lemon honey tea! Many associate this with chilling in the hills, others with being sick and some think of it as a more of a rainy day tea. It is all these and more! It is light, delicious, aromatic, warm and comforting – all in one steaming cup ❤️

This cake takes the three main flavours and combines them into a moist, tender, beautiful cake.

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