Easy Coconut Cake

Growing up, coconut was not a major part of my diet, except for the occasional coconut chutney with Dosa or idlis and of course the copious amount of coconut water I used to drink. However, in my teen years I discovered coconut cookies, Thai curry, coconut rice…the works. The many beautiful ways in which coconut can be used in food, in both sweet and savoury form.

As I started cooking for myself and moved to Bombay, Hyderabad and now Bangalore, coconut became something I saw more of and ate more of. It is super versatile and I really want to learn more ways to incorporate this into my diet.

As always, when I like something, I tend to first veer towards the dessert route of cooking with it 🙂 This summer, when it was crazily hot in Bangalore, I baked this beautiful, simple coconut cake with a light whipped cream. It’s a slice of summer 🙂

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Ginger Lemon Honey Cake

Good ol’ chai (with milk) is a great comfort giver at most times. But there is another version of tea which gives me extra special joy – delicious ginger lemon honey tea! Many associate this with chilling in the hills, others with being sick and some think of it as a more of a rainy day tea. It is all these and more! It is light, delicious, aromatic, warm and comforting – all in one steaming cup ❤️

This cake takes the three main flavours and combines them into a moist, tender, beautiful cake.

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White Chocolate and Cranberry Loaf

Sometimes a flavour combination works so well that you feel compelled to try it in as many versions as possible. The white chocolate and cranberry cookies that I made last year led me to one such discovery!

Since I am not a big fan of the super-sweet white chocolate, I find that the tart cranberries are the perfect balance. Add a little salt and reduce the sugar and you have the perfect combination! The cookies were so delicious that I had to make the cake version 🙂

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