Lemon Rum Loaf

We are all at home, trying to stay positive, get our work done, connect with our loved ones, rediscover lost interests and hoping for the best outcome in this crazy scenario.A little baking therapy is a great way to bring a smile to your face (and to those around you), make you think of easier times and feel a wee bit better. Lemon and rum are all about sunshine-y days, positive thoughts don’t you think?

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Pear & Ginger Upside Down Cake

I’ve always been fascinated by upside down cakes. The caramel-y fruit that is so easy to cut through, the soft crumb and the beautiful combination of fresh and baked fruits. What’s not to love?

I tried baking a plum upside down cake once and it was a disaster (I need to remake and fix :)) and while baking this cake, it looked like another disaster was in the offing. But, lo and behold, it turned out perfectly ♥️♥️

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Almond-Semolina Lemon Loaf

I love lemon in desserts and am a recent fan of almond flour in baking. So when I found a recipe that combines the two, I had to try it! To make it even more exciting, this is a Yottam Ottolenghi recipe! He is one of the most famous chefs for middle eastern food (my hummus recipe is also adapted from one of his).I give full credit to MasterChef Australia for introducing me to the wonders of Ottolenghi’s food (and so many other chefs too).

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