Lemon Rum Loaf

We are all at home, trying to stay positive, get our work done, connect with our loved ones, rediscover lost interests and hoping for the best outcome in this crazy scenario.A little baking therapy is a great way to bring a smile to your face (and to those around you), make you think of easier times and feel a wee bit better. Lemon and rum are all about sunshine-y days, positive thoughts don’t you think?

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Bhindi Fry with Peanuts

It’s amazing how many ways one vegetable can be cooked, right? India itself is this massive treasure trove of recipes. Every state has multiple ways to cook things and flavours change so beautifully between states. I genuinely think one of the best things about living in different cities, or traveling, is trying out local food and then learning to make what you liked 🙂

Maharashtra has delicious food! From the Konkan and malwani food to the vegetarian delicacies in other parts of the state, the spicy fare near the east and the Parsi,Irani food in Bombay. From street food extravaganzas to lovely desserts, this state is special 🙂

This bhindi recipe is inspired by my time spent in Bombay. Of course it has peanuts 🙂

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