Aloo Posto (Potatoes with Poppy Seed paste)

Welcome to another edition of ‘I love potatoes’ πŸ™‚

Given how integral potatoes are to Bengali cuisine, it’s only natural that I share another of my favourite Bengali recipes, like I did with the aloo bhaja one earlier.

Aloo Posto is an iconic bengali dish. Pan fried potatoes mixed with a Poppy seed paste to give it that extra oomph. A little nutty, a little spicy and just so flavourful!

2018-08-16 08.52.16 1.jpg


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Whole wheat and jaggery spiced cake

After baking a ton of the regular all purpose flour desserts, I felt like I should bake something a little healthier. That led me to think of flavours that work together while keeping the cake minimally sweet, yet moist. It was raining and I was sipping on masala chai while figuring this question out. Absolute movie feels no?

The best tea for rainy days is Masala Chai. Not too sweet, perfectly spiced and just so comforting.Β  That gave me an idea. What if I marry these two ideas – a healthier dessert and chai flavours? Whole wheat + masala chai spices + jaggery. Should work right? It does! So well! πŸ™‚ *Happy Dance*

2018-08-12 09.06.30 1.jpg

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Lemon Loaf

Do you love lemon in desserts? Please say you do πŸ™‚ Lemon, to me, is one of the best flavours for a dessert. It is the perfect ingredient to add that delicious balance to a dessert so it tastes sweet but tangy, rich but fruity all at the same time. Like magic πŸ™‚

After years of just eating lemon tarts, I discovered lemon loaves. Who knew it was so simple to bake with lemon? This lemon loaf is something I bake a lot and it is always a massive crowd favourite! Always.

2018-08-07 08.28.23 1.jpg

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Masala Chicken

I recently invited some friends over for dinner and was thinking about what I could make for the main course. Given the spread of preferences, I figured chicken would be the easiest protein to go with. But what to do with the chicken?

I was making a lot of other things which would take time (chaat, dal makhni etc) so wanted something which would be easy and fuss free. I ended up tweaking my Dahi ChickenΒ recipe to make it into a drier, more spicy dish. Result – AMAZE!

2018-08-01 08.53.21 1.jpg

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