Creamy Mushroom Soup

It’s getting a little nippy here and my favourite season is almost upon us. Winter is coming 🙂 (ominous on GoT but joyous for me)

Winter brings with it many great things, one of the main ones being soup season! Big bowls of warm, soupy goodness which are a great meal any time of day. While I’m not a big fan of creamy, heavy soups in general, there are a few that are so delicious that I need to have them once in a while. This mushroom soup is one such.

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Atta Ladoos

Happy Diwali everyone! Sending you light and cheer wherever you are. This year of all years, we need to feel the festivities and sense of normalcy more than ever, while staying safe of course. While Diwali is all about light, happiness and togetherness, it is also about the food. And definitely about the sweets 🙂

I made these atta ladoos for the first time yesterday and they are so good that I had to share them today!

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Doi Begun (Eggplant in yoghurt gravy)

I used to think that eggplants should only be cooked as dry recipes (no gravy) since they are slightly ‘slimy’ (for lack of a better word) in themselves. But as I discovered more kinda of food and tried new recipes, I realized there are many ways to have eggplant apart from what I knew and one of them is actually in a curry. Thai curries use eggplants and so does this lovely bengali curry. It is very easy to make and makes me feel even more connected to my bengali roots as I discover more recipes from the region.

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