Watermelon & Gin Cooler

Summer is here and how! Doesn’t matter which city you’re in right now, it is HOT! I just want to sit in an air conditioned room, with a book (or maybe watch Netflix) and a nice, cold drink. If that cold drink is spiked with a little boozy goodness, even better 🙂

When it comes to alcohol, nothing says summer to me more than Gin. It is refreshing, flavourful and works with so many things. A simple Gin & Tonic is my go-to, but it also works with most fruits and even of course, with cucumber and lime.

This watermelon cooler is super easy to make and a nice gin kick takes it to a whole new level 😍

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Red Wine Sangria

I love drinking wine. I started with red (unlike most people), moved to rosé and now drink mostly white. Given how much I love wine, it’s not surprising that my favourite cocktail is Sangria. Red, white, rosé doesn’t matter. Melon, apple, orange, basil…add whatever works. If it is made well and isn’t too sweet, I will drink it. Lots of it.

So makes sense that I started making Sangria at home 🙂 I first tried my hand at it around six years ago and there has been no looking back since.

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