Roasted Pumpkin Soup

It’s always a surprise when something you’ve never liked actually becomes something you love, right? Especially food! There are flavours, dishes, ingredients that you grow up disliking (sometimes for no legit reason) and some of these magically transition from dislike to tolerate to actually like to eat, over the years.

Two such things show up in this recipe, which is what makes it so special : roasted Pumpkin soup!

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Gluten Free Banana Muffins

Staying at home for the past 40+ days has really made me more conscious about the food I am eating. I eat whatever I want, but am trying to ensure that most of it is made at home. No dieting, just eating home cooked food. Snacks, mains, desserts – whatever I want 🙂 While the savoury part is easy, the desserts not so much. I don’t eat too much sweet stuff and now have no one to share food with. My flatmate now has the onus of finishing off what I bake, so I’m baking less than I’d like. But, that doesn’t mean I experiment less! I’ve made a lot of banana recipes, but wanted to try something healthier this time. So I went down the gluten free path. A really good call, if I may say so myself 🙂

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Matar Parantha

Paranthas are an essential part of any Delhi child’s diet. Any North Indian child, possibly. But Delhi child for sure. Whether at home or at friend’s houses or when on road trips or just at dhabas on a whim. Paranthas scream comfort and decadence. The gorgeous varieties of stuffings, the lovely mix of spices, the soft dough and that ghee/butter. Yum!While potato, cauliflower or radish were the common ones at home, I’ve tried many other flavours over the years as well. This one is spiced peas and is not only super tasty but also makes the paranthas look beautiful, with specks of green throughout.

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Mushroom Pepper Fry

While we are in lockdown but working from home, we tend to look for quick, easy meals to rustle up while we continue to work through the day. It’s not easy to get breaks to cook elaborate meals during the day, with the sheer number of meetings and calls all of us seem to be on. Right? Please tell me it’s not just me!

This easy mushroom pepper fry is quick to make and quite delicious too. Perfect for these times.

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