Methi Chole

By now you guys know my love for chole and how I try to make at least one chole dish every fortnight. It’s got protein, flavour and is super easy to cook. While the most common recipe I use is the simple home-style one, I am always looking for new recipes as well. This recipe boosts the chole with a touch of greens by adding methi to the curry. Methi adds a delightful freshness and slight bitterness to the curry that gives it a whole new dimension of taste!

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Chocolate & Orange Brownies

Till I was in my late teens, chocolate meant just chocolate. No added flavour (except mint thanks to major love for After Eight). I was ok with textures in chocolate, like nuts, raisins, rice puffs (Crackle being my favourite!), but not with flavours.

As I grew older I started trying more dark chocolate and then through some bars of fancy Lindt, also experimented with flavoured chocolate. While some combos are not my scene, I definitely love chocolate and orange as a pair. I’m not a fan of sweet orange filling in chocolate, but I love a zesty orange background flavour mixed in to the chocolate. The darker the chocolate the better, in this case. These brownies are inspired by this decadent flavour combo and are downright irresistible!

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