White Chocolate and Cranberry Loaf

Sometimes a flavour combination works so well that you feel compelled to try it in as many versions as possible. The white chocolate and cranberry cookies that I made last year led me to one such discovery!

Since I am not a big fan of the super-sweet white chocolate, I find that the tart cranberries are the perfect balance. Add a little salt and reduce the sugar and you have the perfect combination! The cookies were so delicious that I had to make the cake version 🙂

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Home Style Maacher Jhol (Fish Curry)

Food plays such a key role in defining memories and traditions. I associate food with different people, cities, moods and times in my life. Some dishes can evoke really strong emotions – especially when they are linked to home. One bite and I am transported back home, hanging out with my family and feeling immense joy and peace. This maacher jhol (fish curry) is one such dish.

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Super Easy Hummus

When we were younger, Dad would take us out for scrumptious meals on special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, good exam results – any of these qualified for a nice meal outside. An amazing treat for a family of foodies 🙂 On many such occasions we used to go to a nice hotel for a lavish buffet. As kids we were thrilled with the idea of so many options to choose from and with the potential to eat many helpings of things we liked!

I first tried hummus at one of these buffets. It was my first introductions to Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine and I was hooked. This luscious, creamy, nutty, garlicky goodness was addictive! I would eat it plain, with pita, with veggies – you name it.

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