Basic Marble Cake

I started baking when I was very young. Around the age of 4. I used to help my grandmoms by just mixing the final batter at the time and ate most of it while doing so πŸ™‚ Over time, I moved on to doing more of the work, under their supervision and saw them make different kinds of cakes in the process. Best weekend or vacation activity, I say!

For the longest time we just had basic vanilla and basic chocolate cakes. With the occasional rainbow cake for fun. Once while we were out for a meal, I saw marble cake on offer. I was amazed at this magical way that both vanilla and chocolate were part of the same cake! As far as I knew, adding chocolate to a vanilla cake made the whole thing chocolate. What was this awesomeness?

This was around the time boxed cake mixes were my go-to (yes, I had that phase) and I found this marble cake at the store. Got home, tried it and was super thrilled! From them on, this has been one of my favourites to make. Obviously, it is now made from scratch. No box mixes anymore! This is such a throwback to discovering new kinds of cake and figuring out how to make them minus my friend Google πŸ™‚

2018-07-29 09.18.24 1.jpg

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Kasundi Chicken (Chicken with a Bengali mustard sauce)

I might not be able to speak Bengali or know too much about Bengali culture (I try), but I sure as hell LOVE Bengali food. I have eaten a fair bit of it growing up, especially at my grandmom’s house. My aunts, to this day, feed me at least some Bengali food when I visit them. I make some Bengali food at home now and am constantly looking to add more to my repertoire.

Even though I have barely spent any time in Kolkata (where I was born), Bengali food to me is extremely synonymous to home. To comfort.Β  To nostalgia.Β To deliciousness.

When I go to a Bengali restaurant, I am always keen to try new things and also to try my absolutely rubbish broken Bengali πŸ™‚ I guess this is a way for me to connect to that part of my heritage.

One thing that screams Bengali food is Kasundi. Kasundi is this pungent, spicy, fermented mustard sauce that is integral to Bengali cuisine. It is used as a dip or as part of a curry and it just explodes in your mouth with each bite. It is potent, believe me! It is also extremely delicious! The only other remotely similar flavour bomb is wasabi, in my opinion.

This chicken dish uses Kasundi in the curry and is pretty damn tasty πŸ™‚

2018-07-26 10.37.05 1.jpg

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Lemon Blueberry Muffins

One of my favourite fruit dessert flavours is lemon. For the longest time, the only lemon dessert I had tried was a lemon tart and a good lemon tart is one of the best things ever! The idea of this tangy flavour with the right amount of sugar is just so exciting!

When I started baking more regularly a few years ago, I discovered lemon cake. And what a delicious discovery that was! Moist, tangy, light and just divine. Because I loved the lemon cake so much, I began reading up on other flavours that work well with lemon and a lot of recipes talked about blueberry. Now we don’t get blueberry very easily here. The fresh ones are hardly there for a few weeks and even then are fairly expensive. The dried ones are found more regularly and are not as expensive. I figured I should at least try the flavour combination out. Turns out – SUPER idea! πŸ™‚


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