Almond-Semolina Lemon Loaf

I love lemon in desserts and am a recent fan of almond flour in baking. So when I found a recipe that combines the two, I had to try it! To make it even more exciting, this is a Yottam Ottolenghi recipe! He is one of the most famous chefs for middle eastern food (my hummus recipe is also adapted from one of his).I give full credit to MasterChef Australia for introducing me to the wonders of Ottolenghi’s food (and so many other chefs too).

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Fuss-free Chocolate Cookies

There are days when you just want some quick chocolate therapy, right? Either for a mood lift or some energy or just because you’re in the mood for some chocolate 🙂 There is always a good reason! Your usual cake recipes take an hour or so, cookies need some dough chilling, brownies need melted chocolate to cool down etc so a quick fix isn’t always easy. Well, that’s about to change 🙂

These cookies are super easy, totally fuss free and need no chilling. From craving to eating in just 30 mins 😍!

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Dal with Manga (Dal with Raw Mango)

One of the best things about being so food obsessed is that you get to discover so many phenomenal dishes just because of your love for trying new food 🙂

I sadly did not know a lot about Malayali food growing up, but my knowledge has been slowly improving over the years. Starting with belting lots of eraichi, appam, stew at Gunpowder in Delhi and then making sure I try whichever restaurant I hear good things about, I have grown to love the food from this state. I have a few Mallu friends as well and eating at their house is always a happy meal for me! Most of the Mallu food I love is non vegetarian (duh!) but last year I went out with a group of people where one was a vegetarian and she ordered Dal with Manga. I had never thought manga (raw mango) would work with Dal, but my mind was blown! I was in love! I’ve ordered this whenever I’ve gone back to the restaurant and had to recreate it at home.

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Shahi Paneer

Growing up in Delhi, going out for a ‘North Indian’ meal typically meant an indulgent Punjabi meal – Dal Makhani, tikkas, butter chicken, naan – the works. We used to wait for these occasions so we could polish off many a naan with delicious chicken curry and dal. Very rarely did we order other vegetarian things during these meals. However, on the rare occasion that there was a vegetarian at the table, we always ordered shahi paneer. This dish totally lives up to its name – it makes you feel really royal and luxurious 🙂

I made this recently because I was craving one of those fancy dinners and was a tad homesick. It turned out just the way I remember it and made me a very happy child indeed!

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