Boozy Chocolate Fruit & Nut Cookies

How many of you like Fruit & Nut chocolate bars? *Raises both hands*

I love the little surprises of raisin and nuts that intersperse the chocolate bar. Figured it is about time there are cookies that mimic this deliciousness right? But can they be taken up another notch?

When there are raisins in the mix, the other thing that pops into my head is ALWAYS rum! *hic* Rum and raisins are such a divine combo! My rum and raisin cake is clear testament to the fact.

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Rum and Raisin Cake

Boozy desserts are delicious! Agree? Please say yes 🙂

There are so many lovely alcohol+dessert flavour combinations out there – whiskey+chocolate, stout+chocolate, lemon+tequila and so on. But my earliest memory of this beautiful fusion of flavours is Rum+Raisin! I remember seeing rum and raisin chocolates and ice creams on a few dessert menus, when we used to go fancy restaurants to celebrate special occasions. Of course, since I was a kid, I was never allowed to try these 🙂 But once I was old enough, the first thing I did try was the ice cream. And what a flavour bomb! The sweetness of both the raisins and the rum, the rum warmth and the little boozy kick at the end. YUM!

While I am yet to try making the ice cream, I did try and translate those flavours into cake 🙂

2018-06-17 09.09.59 1.jpg

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