Rum and Raisin Cake

Boozy desserts are delicious! Agree? Please say yes 🙂

There are so many lovely alcohol+dessert flavour combinations out there – whiskey+chocolate, stout+chocolate, lemon+tequila and so on. But my earliest memory of this beautiful fusion of flavours is Rum+Raisin! I remember seeing rum and raisin chocolates and ice creams on a few dessert menus, when we used to go fancy restaurants to celebrate special occasions. Of course, since I was a kid, I was never allowed to try these 🙂 But once I was old enough, the first thing I did try was the ice cream. And what a flavour bomb! The sweetness of both the raisins and the rum, the rum warmth and the little boozy kick at the end. YUM!

While I am yet to try making the ice cream, I did try and translate those flavours into cake 🙂

2018-06-17 09.09.59 1.jpg

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