Veggie Fried Rice (with brown rice)

Growing up, I loved eating Chinese food. The family would try chinese restaurants often, we would eat chowmein in school and we would make a few chindian (chinese+indian) dishes at home as well. The home favourites were chowmein and fried rice. Those days were special ones indeed! We would come home from school and realize it was chowmein or fried rice day and be thrilled to be bits to be having something different from the standard Indian fare 🙂

This fried rice recipe is a slightly more jazzed up version of what we used to eat at home. It’s a wee bit healthier as well since it uses brown rice inside of white, but feel free to use white if you prefer. It will still be as yum!

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Vegetable Chow mein

How many of you have grown up eating Chow Mein from little hawker stalls? I most certainly have. A lot! Growing up in Delhi, we were introduced to a new kind of ‘street food’- Chindian Chowmein. I say Chindian (Chinese+Indian) because this is most definitely not chowmein in its original form. It is heavily inspired by India, the flavours we like and what is available here.

What we got was this greasy, veggie loaded, spiced plate of noodles that was deeleeeshus! Unhealthy AF. But delicious! We used to eat this from the school canteen, after tuition classes, while shopping in the market…you name it. Obviously it wasn’t massively encouraged by the parents (you know health and all that) plus some places weren’t hygienic and people have been known to fall sick. So we started making it at home! YAY! It will never be the same since we use less oil and skip the MSG/Ajinomoto, but it still tastes pretty darn good. And is super nostalgic!


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