Spiced Plum Crumble

I’ve grown up watching a lot of international cooking shows and reading books by Enid Blyton which were massively focussed on food (those picnics, dinners and delicious sounding puddings!). While I didn’t get to eat a lot of those dishes at home, I pounced on the chance to try them as I grew older, either from upcoming bakeries or while traveling. Crumble, to me, is one such iconic dish. It sounded super delicious so I made sure I tried it when I saw it on the menu at a brunch, many years ago. I loved it! Buttery, crumbly, fruity and delicious, this was definitely worth learning. So here is one version, with plums and a little spice 🙂

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No Bake Mango Cheesecake Mousse

It’s mango season! Best time of the year 🙂 One of the only redeemable things about the summer! (Yes, I’m one of those who don’t like summer)

Mango with skin, without skin, diced, whole, in dessert, in salad, as ice cream – so many ways to devour this fruit. I personally love cold mangoes, they just taste so much better. So when I was planning a dinner for some friends recently, I knew there had to be a cold mango dessert on the menu. Not only will it taste good, it will also save me the hassle of being around a hot oven on a hot day. Win win!

I looked around for a few no bake recipes and landed on this one by Richa, which seemed super easy. I modified it a little and found myself with this glorious no bake mango cheesecake mousse! It has got to be one of the best things I’ve made!

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Chocolate Ganache Tart

I love tarts! The crunchy base with the delicious filling (sweet or savoury) result in such a glorious texture and flavour party in your mouth. The best tarts are the ones where the flavours all work well together, the base isn’t soggy and in case of dessert, they aren’t too sweet.

Presenting to you this uber easy, delicious chocolate ganache tart! I am so happy with it that I have eaten way more than I should have. Totally worth it!

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