Hariyali Chicken Tikka

Growing up in Delhi, tikkas and kebabs were always the go-to appetizers for special outings or occasions. We didn’t make them at home as such, but always OD-ed on them when given the chance. There is a such a vast variety of kebabs to try, each delicious in their own way. I love the hariyali chicken Tikka because it is moist and tasty but not overly spicy. It is also doubly delicious thanks to all the herbs in the marinade 🥰

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Grilled Chicken Wings

One of the easiest ways to bond with me is to talk about food – recipes, restaurants, food history, travel stories – all things food make for great conversation 🙂 Most of my friends love food and we spend tons of time trying out new restaurants, discussing recipes and cooking for each other. One of my closest friends, S, is one such forever partner. We are always sharing recipes and this grilled chicken is one such.

I first had this at a dinner he hosted and it was lip smackingly delicious. The perks of showing up early : you get to watch food being made and then get to quickly eat a few before people arrive 😀

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Roasted Masala Channa

Savoury snacks are essential to enjoying a drink (alcoholic or not), getting through a long day, enjoying a movie/show and generally driving away hunger pangs at any time. Are you a snacky person too?

A lot of snacks that are available nowadays are the packaged, deep fried variety. While they are usually tasty, they are also massively unhealthy! I’m on a mission to find easy to make, healthier snacks for my million snacking needs!

First up – roasted Masala Channa!

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Gochujang chicken wings

Korean food is like nothing else I have had. Delicious and rich in umami. Lots of greens, meat, rice, spices – there is so much to try and love. Beyond kimchi 🙂

It is still fairly new to India, has probably come to the fore in the last 5-6 years. Even then it is significantly under represented in terms of the number of restaurants it has.

I first had Korean food in Delhi and have since had it in Bangalore and London. Bangalore has some really authentic restaurants which also sell Korean food ingredients, which are hard to find otherwise.

I am always looking for recipes that I could make at home to add some variety to regular home cooking. These gochujang chicken wings from Richa’s blog seemed like a great way to bring a little korean love into our food. They are super easy to make and taste heavenly.

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Peanut Chaat

Peanuts are the best bar food, don’t you think? Every bar/restaurant either gives you some for free with your beer or has some options for nibbles that you can order with your drinks. They are easy to snack on, packed with flavour and balance out all the drinking you’re doing (kinda :)). Salted, fried, spiced – they all taste great! My favourite are the ones that are boiled and then made into a chaat – best texture and flavour combo for peanuts!

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