Masala Chicken

I recently invited some friends over for dinner and was thinking about what I could make for the main course. Given the spread of preferences, I figured chicken would be the easiest protein to go with. But what to do with the chicken?

I was making a lot of other things which would take time (chaat, dal makhni etc) so wanted something which would be easy and fuss free. I ended up tweaking my Dahi Chicken recipe to make it into a drier, more spicy dish. Result – AMAZE!

2018-08-01 08.53.21 1.jpg

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Cinnamon Cake

One of the strongest associations I have with baking is the aroma that comes from freshly baked food. Whether it is chocolate, vanilla, banana or even chicken. It doesn’t always need to be sweet 🙂 But one of my favourite baked food aromas has got to be cinnamon! By itself, like in this delicious cinnamon cake, or along with other flavours, the aroma of cinnamon wafting through the house is enough to make me hungry.


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Matar Mushroom (Peas and Mushrooms)

There are some people I know, who don’t like peas. Call them characterless. Whyyy guys, whyyyy???

I find peas amazing in every form! My sister and I used to eat them raw, fresh from the pods when we were kids. There is a common Bihari snack which is roasted flattened rice with pan fried masala peas (ghugni) on the side. It is key to one of my favourite breakfasts – poha. Peas also add this lovely sweetness and texture to many Indian main courses – with paneer, potatoes, minced meat and so on. This recipe is all about peas and mushrooms!

2018-05-30 02.39.23 1.jpg

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