Lemon Rice

For the first 10-12 years of my life, South indian food meant dosa, idli, sambar, chutney and rasam. Pretty much the basics. There was this restaurant called Naivedyam near our house (it still exists there) where we used to go fairly often and usually ordered the same standard food. The variations were limited pretty much to masala or plain dosa, paper dosa or smaller size dosa, rasam to start the meal or go straight to idli. Important decisions! 🙂 But we loved the food and these dishes became part of what we used to eat at home too.

Slowly as we started trying more things, at restaurants or friend’s houses, I got to know more about the beautiful food from the four south Indian states. I am still learning new things, new flavours, new names, new combinations and continue to fall in love with the cuisines even more. Helps that I am married to a Tamilian 🙂

One of the earliest things I tried, outside of the standard fare, was Lemon Rice. It was an easy thing to start with, given how much I love rice and lemon (Bengali-ness :)). It is light, delicious, textural and punchy. What’s not to love?

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Lemon Loaf

Do you love lemon in desserts? Please say you do 🙂 Lemon, to me, is one of the best flavours for a dessert. It is the perfect ingredient to add that delicious balance to a dessert so it tastes sweet but tangy, rich but fruity all at the same time. Like magic 🙂

After years of just eating lemon tarts, I discovered lemon loaves. Who knew it was so simple to bake with lemon? This lemon loaf is something I bake a lot and it is always a massive crowd favourite! Always.

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Lemon Blueberry Muffins

One of my favourite fruit dessert flavours is lemon. For the longest time, the only lemon dessert I had tried was a lemon tart and a good lemon tart is one of the best things ever! The idea of this tangy flavour with the right amount of sugar is just so exciting!

When I started baking more regularly a few years ago, I discovered lemon cake. And what a delicious discovery that was! Moist, tangy, light and just divine. Because I loved the lemon cake so much, I began reading up on other flavours that work well with lemon and a lot of recipes talked about blueberry. Now we don’t get blueberry very easily here. The fresh ones are hardly there for a few weeks and even then are fairly expensive. The dried ones are found more regularly and are not as expensive. I figured I should at least try the flavour combination out. Turns out – SUPER idea! 🙂


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