Peanut Chaat

Peanuts are the best bar food, don’t you think? Every bar/restaurant either gives you some for free with your beer or has some options for nibbles that you can order with your drinks. They are easy to snack on, packed with flavour and balance out all the drinking you’re doing (kinda :)). Salted, fried, spiced – they all taste great! My favourite are the ones that are boiled and then made into a chaat – best texture and flavour combo for peanuts!

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Butter Garlic Vegetables

I first discovered the joy of butter and garlic as a combo in Goa. With prawns. Such a simple but flavourful idea. The first vegetarian version I made of that was with mushrooms (will share that recipe soon). So buttery, meaty and delicious!

One day while making grilled chicken, I was thinking of what an easy side dish would be. Ran through going through my recipes my head and thought about using this flavour combo with the whole bunch of veggies I had at home. Such a simple idea. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

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Bhindi Masala (Ladyfinger/Okra Masala)

If you ask my husband, he will tell you I hardly eat any vegetables. I am super picky. I feel I eat enough (potatoes count right? ) but it is true that I don’t eat too many green vegetables. The one green veggie that I LOVE is Bhindi (Ladyfinger/Okra). I used to end up making bhindi for dinner once a week without fail. That much love. However, now the boy has asked me to make it less often, I think he has kinda overdosed on bhindi 🙂

Growing up, we used to have a simple Bhindi fry at home. Just some cumin seeds and chilli powder pretty much. No onions, no tomatoes, no major spice quotient. My sister really loves that simple version. However, I was never a big fan, it was a little bland for me. So when our help at home made this masala version once, I was hooked! This is major comfort food levels for me. When I want a simple meal, rice+dal+vegetable type, this is what I go for. Honestly, I don’t even need the rice. I have been known to just mix the bhindi and the dal in a bowl, squeeze some lemon juice on top and eat it just like that. Happiness.


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