Easy Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato Bruschetta is easily one of my favourite things to eat. I invariably order it every chance I get. Sometimes they aren’t really great, but I’ve definitely been lucky more often than not.

I first tried a bruschetta when I was in my teens, at a hotel buffet. I was wary, since I wasn’t a fan of raw tomatoes, but it looked so juicy and delicious that I had to try it. Boy, was I happy I did!

The tomatoes were fresh and juicy, the garlic was punchy, the dressing delicious and the basil just made it pop! I knew this was going to become something I would eat often. As we started going out to eat at Italian restaurants, I made this my go-to appetizer. Such a great way to start a meal!

Made with minimal ingredients, this dish is beyond beautiful! So easy to make, doesn’t take too long, beautifully fragrant and absolutely delicious – this is a winner!

The garlic is lightly roasted to deepen the flavour and take it to the next level. The key to getting those magical flavours to sing, is to let them all marinate together for about half an hour.

This is definitely the toughest part of this recipe. The mix tastes so good, you want to just eat it as is. But letting it rest is worth the wait πŸ™‚ You get a nicely balanced, fresh, cold topping for your crunchy toast. Yummmmm!

You can use any bread for this, whatever you have on hand or feel like eating. I used a nice little multi-grain baguette this time, but have used regular baguettes as well as good ol’ toast in the past as well.

All you need to do is brush the slices with olive oil and then toast them for 7-10 minutes. I used an oven, but you can use a toaster or grill too I would think.

Once the toast is ready, top it with the tomato mix and you’re good to go! Make sure you get a little bit of basil and garlic on each slice, to round out the flavour.

I’ve made this so many times, it is definitely one of my comfort foods. Whether it is when you’re hosting a meal, if you’re taking something for a potluck (assemble at the meal:) ) or just want an easy fuss-free snack for yourself, this ticks all the boxes.

Try this and you’ll know what I mean πŸ™‚

Easy Tomato Bruschetta

  • Servings: 12-14 slices
  • Difficulty: Easy
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5 tomatoes (320g)

5-6 cloves of garlic

15g fresh basil leaves

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

4 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tsp red chilli flakes

1 baguette

Salt to taste


  1. Slice the tomatoes and basil finely
  2. Heat 1 tsp olive oil on a pan and lightly roast the garlic cloves till they are fragrant and lightly brown. Let them cool and then slice finely
  3. In a bowl, mix the tomatoes, garlic, basil, balsamic vinegar, salt, red chilli flakes with 2 tbsp olive oil. Taste and adjust seasoning. Keep this bowl in the fridge for 30 mins to let the flavours combine
  4. Once the mix is ready to use, get started on the bread. Pre heat the oven to 200C
  5. Slice the baguette into 12-14 slices and place on a baking tray. Take the remaining olive oil and lightly brush a little onto each slice so that it is covered (don’t soak it in oil)
  6. Toast/grill (heat from the top) the bread in oven, at 200C, for 7-10 mins till it is crunchy enough
  7. Take the bread out of the oven and scoop the filling onto each slice. Make sure you get a nice mix of tomato, basil and garlic on each slice to make for the perfect mouthful. Serve immediately πŸ™‚

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